Craniosacral Therapy

What is CST?
Craniosacral Therapy treats a number of conditions and is effective for babies, children and adults. There is a sense of overall wellbeing when our whole body is balanced. Releasing restrictions in the body increases the capacity of our nervous system to improve health, harmony and for us to feel a sense of well-being.
Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is an approach that touches many levels of our experience while also being firmly grounded in the anatomy and physiology of the body. It is a therapy that focuses on the client. An experience such as illness, trauma, stresses of life, an accident or toxins can overwhelm our bodies. In circumstances like this the body will organise itself to find its best balance. Overtime and sometimes many years later, symptoms may develop or we just do not feel well but can’t say why. Your therapist has the expert skills to act as a facilitator so that your body knows that it has the opportunity to rebalance and release restrictions from the body. The therapist through light touch listens and responds to what is happening in the physiology of the client’s body. The client’s body is really leading the healing process with the therapist following the process rather than being prescriptive. For this reason the experiences during a treatment and the response after treatment is such an individual experience.
What can I expect during a treatment?
During a treatment the patient wears comfortable clothes and may remove their shoes. You lie on a treatment table while your therapist stands or sits and gently places their hands on the head, ribcage, sacrum or feet. This palpation gives information as to where the body needs to release restrictions or discomfort. This is done very gently by applying very light pressure (no greater than the weight of a 5cent coin) to neutralise the tensions held within the body so that the soft tissues are then able to relax. CST will give benefits if you are suffering with headaches, migraines, back or neck pain, emotional stress and general feelings of being “out of sorts” - or maybe just a lack of energy, vitality or concentration.
How safe is CST?
Craniosacral Therapy is very safe. The contraindications to craniosacral therapy are acute intracranial haemorrhage, intracranial aneurysm, recent skull fracture, and herniation of the medulla oblongata. These physiological conditions are contraindicated as any changes in intracranial pressure could have a negative effect. In these circumstances the patient needs require acute medical care. Here is an excellent video, explaining the process of craniosacral therapy