Laser Therapy

Clinical Application of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy helps with pain-relief and addresses the inflammation in arthritic conditions.  Results can be very noticeable in the early stages of arthritis.  While pain is eased in chronic conditions it can take up to 6 months before a turning point is noticed and substantial results are seen. It also appears that adding laser therapy to prescribed medication gives improved results over medication alone.
Laser therapy inhibits inflammation, eases pain, reduces swelling and joint tenderness in patients presenting with gout.
In osteoarthritis of the hip joint, therapy can improve and strengthen the surrounding tissues. It prevents swelling as it triggers anti-inflammatory processes.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Laser therapy can be very effective in treating the painful condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.  It eliminates neuralgic compression by reducing inflammation.  Laser therapy can lead to total recovery especially if the condition is treated in the early stages.  For treatment to be successful it is advisable for the area to be treated every 3 to 4 days and at times up to 10 treatments can be necessary.
In more chronic conditions where surgery may be necessary the therapy helps with the reduction of pain and wound healing.

Tendonitis & Golfers and Tennis Elbow
Laser is known to relieve pain, reduce swelling and encourage the generation of tissue as part of the healing process in acute cases. In more chronic cases it can restart the healing process and manage the condition.
In acute cases laser to the affected area including trigger point therapy is advised every 2 - 3 days for around 3 weeks.


Laser Therapy speeds up recovery of sports injuries

What do David Beckham, PadrĂ¡ig Harrington & Michael Owen have in common? The answer is that they use laser therapy to speed up their recovery.

Laser therapy is not only for top athletes but has been incorporated into Lily Enright's Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic, in Ennis Co. Clare since 2005.

National athletes, Clare County Hurlers, World Champion Dancers and showjumping enthuasists have benefited from laser therapy. Telephone 087 7636239 to find out how Laser Therapy can get you back on track faster.

Here is why many of the world's top athletes incorporate laser therapy into the physical therapy programme. Laser Treatment - Sports Injuries - Ennis Co. Clare

1 Published clinical and physiological evidence supports the use of laser and LED photobiomodulation for soft tissue injuries and joint conditions than any electrotherapy modality used traditionally by physiotherapists and physical therapists.
2. It's quick, simple, non invasive and easy to apply.
3. It can be used immediately after injuries occur and post surgery over pins, plates and scars.
4. Helps manage pain.
5. Reduces inflammation (swelling)
6. Speeds up the healing, quality and tensile strength of damagedtissue to get you back on track faster.
7. Increases immune system function.

Laser Treatment - Ennis Co. Clare