People's Stories

Craniosacral & Physical Therapy gave me relief from chronic back pain, hemiplegic migraine,

sinus problems and costochondritis.

"I am so grateful to Lily Enright Craniosacral & Physical Therapist for her role in my recovery. I arrived to Lily with chronic back pain, hemiplegic migraine, sinus problems and costochondritis. I was on medication, could not sleep and was absolutely exhausted. I had attended numerous doctors, consultants and experts in every field of medicine in relation to my conditions to no avail. Medication and rest was all I was prescribed and this did not give me any relief. I decided to make one last attempt at resolving my medical conditions and this attempt led me to Lily. This was on the recommendation of a number of my friends and colleagues who she had treated. They were so positive and genuinely thankful for how she treated them and their children for a variety of medical conditions that I made an appointment.
From my initial visit and meeting to this present day, I have found Lily to be such a warm, compassionate and caring individual who has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She took the time to listen to my medical history and took the time to get to know me. This in itself is so refreshing for individuals who are often dismissed by medical professionals. By integrating craniosacral therapy with her skills as a physical therapist she treated me with gentle care and met my specific needs. As part of the treatment she also educated me on how best to look after my body.
The results were instant for me. I had suffered for a number of years but now I am off all medication, have no sinus problems and my back pain and migraines are now a distant memory. I have a new lease of life and this is all because of Lily. She is a true professional and excellent at what she does and I would have no hesitation in recommending Lily to anybody, young or old for treatment. Thank you Lily!”
Mary, Teacher, wife and mother of three young children


Craniosacral Therapy eases colic in newborn baby girl

“My newborn baby suffered from colic for several weeks.  I was having to spend hours each night comforting my baby.  I took her to Lily for Craniosacral Therapy and she is a different baby after two sessions.  She is a lot more relaxed, sleeping better and now burps without any effort or pain”.

Siobhán, Mum of two


Craniosacral Therapy improves energy, balance, co-ordination
and concentration at school in 10 year old boy

“Our 10 year old son has being attending Lily Enright for the past two years for Craniosacral Therapy. Following a traumatic pregnancy, birth and first two years of life he was suffering with poor balance, co-ordination and concentration stemming from physical complications of the ears, bowels and kidneys.

After just a few sessions his balance and co-ordination started to improve, as did his concentration. His overall energy levels increased dramatically and after two years he not only partakes in sport, he now participates at the highest level nationally. The most noticeable improvement has been academically. He can concentrate better at school, is more focused when completing homework and has developed a thirst for knowledge so much so that he now attends Order of Malta cadets where he learns all about first aid!

The best thing for us is that he loves to attend the sessions and comes out vibrating with energy. The relaxed atmosphere of these sessions makes it suitable for children of any age and the positive results we have seen in our son are fantastic!”

Parents of 10 year old boy treated at Lily Enright’s Clinic


Physical therapy and laser therapy speeds up recovery of pulled hamstring

During a football match I came off in severe pain with a pull to my hamstring muscle.  Lily treated my leg with physical therapy and laser therapy.  She also gave me an exercise and core strengthening programme to help speed up the recovery from my hamstring strain.  I was back to full pace and returned to sprinting and training in no time.  Her treatment of my hamstring injury was excellent.  She also told me about the importance of good posture and encouraged me to continue to strengthen my core muscles.  Lily is a total professional and I found the treatment brilliant.

Dylan, 23


Pain relief from migraines for the first time in years

I went with a very open mind and after my first session I felt an improvement immediately in the way I felt both physically & mentally.  I continued to go to Lily for craniosacral and physical therapy for a few months and for the first time in years I had no migraines at all.  I would highly recommend Lily to anyone who is suffering with pain, not only does the treatment help but Lily’s attitude and way of dealing with people is very refreshing”. 
“I first went to Lily in 2009 after 4 years of suffering with migraine without any improvement. Lily was recommended to me by a friend who she had helped in the past.

Carol, Limerick


Sports specific treatment helped me to return to full fitness and back into competitive action

During a team training session, I was involved in a high impact collision.  This resulted in a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and upper back.  A team mate recommended that I attend Lily.  After just 3 sessions I had great relief in my neck and shoulders and I got full mobility back in my neck.  A bye product of the treatment was that now that my neck was fully freed up I was also sleeping better. I am most grateful to Lily, she has helped me to return to full fitness and back into competitive action”.

Paul, 32

Laser Therapy for Frozen shoulder got my life back on track

I’m in my 60’s and had been suffering with frozen shoulder for months with my arm literally clamped by my side.  I was in chronic pain and it affected everything as I could only move it a few inches.  I had tried other therapies and injections and emotionally I was at rock bottom when I contacted Lily Enright at the Active Laser Therapy Centre.

Initial treatment of laser therapy was twice weekly for 4 weeks.  After a couple of laser treatments I felt some relief and less pain.  After physical therapy and laser combined the improvement in movement was amazing and every session brought dramatic results.  After 1 month my movement had improved by 80% and the pain was all but gone.

I took a break of one month from treatment, continued with the prescribed exercises and the improvement has continued.  I receive laser treatment intermittently now and I am amazed at the results after such a short time and the gentleness of treatment.  To me Lily is a ‘lifesaver’ and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to get my life back on track.   With laser therapy the results speak louder than words.