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Following a traumatic pregnancy, birth and first two years of life he was suffering with poor balance, co-ordination and concentration stemming from physical complications of the ears, bowels and kidneys.

After just a few sessions his balance and co-ordination started to improve, as did his concentration. His overall energy levels increased dramatically and after two years he not only partakes in sport, he now participates at the highest level nationally. The most noticeable improvement has been academically. He can concentrate better at school, is more focused when completing homework and has developed a thirst for knowledge so much so that he now attends Order of Malta cadets where he learns all about first aid!

The best thing for us is that he loves to attend the sessions and comes out vibrating with energy. The relaxed atmosphere of these sessions makes it suitable for children of any age and the positive results we have seen in our son are fantastic!”

Parents of 10 year old boy treated at Lily Enright’s Clinic


“Our little guy was born 4 weeks early with Down Syndrome. From the moment he was discharged from hospital, he suffered with nasal congestion and recurrent chest infections.  At 5 weeks old he suffered pneumonia and a collapsed lung which required a hospital admission. I brought him to Lily for craniosacral therapy. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my son. I was amazed to watch him as Lily delivered her therapy session. She was so gentle and so calming and created a lovely energy in the room. When my son was agitated or upset, Lily would move her hands and he instantly settled. Lily was not only in tune with him as her client but also with me as his Mum. On one occasion, I was giving an update to Lily on his symptoms, when Lily started to notice my little boy becoming upset. Lily told me to relax and take a deep breath. He immediately settled.  It was then that I realised that my emotions and anxieties had a direct affect on my son. Lily helped my little boy considerably throughout the early months of his life and we reaped the benefits of that powerful positive touch that she gave throughout her therapies. As his Mum, I benefited too”.